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And so, we find ourselves here, yet again, kiddos…with a new year—for many of us, also a new hangover—hovering just over the horizon. Time to dust off the the old treasure chest of resolutions we didn’t live up to in 2014 and parade them around like a circus bear in a tutu. Not the shape-shifting lascivious paranormal romance kind, either. I’m talking about an actual hairy, smelly bear with fish-breath, a hankering for fresh mountain air and garbage dumps, and a rather grizzly disposition.

So…I’ve decided, just to make life more challenging, to go with resolutions that are in direct contradiction of one another:

1) I will exercise more.

2) I will be more active in social media, as a human being and an author…which no doubt means sitting on my butt on the couch with my beloved MacBook for hours on end…and perhaps introducing more of the world to my book page.

3) And this one’s just for fun…I will discover a wormhole, while exercising on the Internet via social media, and master time-travel, thus enabling myself to go back and meet Einstein…and the Three Stooges…because we have so much in common.

Now, it’s your turn, Twinkle Toes.

Tell me…Which resolutions did you pull out of the closet for 2015?