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In the interest of turning over a new leaf on multiple levels — kick the exercise regime up a notch, meditate now and then, maybe try out writing full-time, etc. — I thought about going all Paleo this year as well. You know, paring down and sprucing up the old diet. Then I figured…the heck with it, why not just go full-on California Cave Woman instead?

Yes, kiddos…this modern girl’s going primitive.

Remember: If you need to find me, I’ll be in the back yard, next to the retention wall, dragging Nathan around by the hair. Don’t startle me, though…I’m prone to throwing my laptop, pounding my chest, and chasing anything smaller than a Volkswagen with a spatula, grunting “Grogg-ina eat! Steak-a-saurus! Grogg-ina eat NOW!”