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There are moments when you realize there is something horribly wrong with the immediate world surrounding you. For instance, when you are wearing a prized piece of jewelry, one you have aptly dubbed your Cthulhu necklace, with a snazzy pirate costume at a costume party and NO ONE seems to know who Cthulhu is or that a man named H.P. Lovecraft ever existed.

Me: You like horror?

Person: Oh yeah. Love it.

Me: Call of Cthulhu?

People: Never heard of of it.

Me: Lovecraft?

People: Never heard of them either.

Me: But you like horror?

People: Oh, yeah.

Me:  And you’re not shitting me?

People: No.

Me: Are you sure you’ve never…(sigh)…H.P. Lovecraft?

People: Nope

Me: The Dunwich Horror?

People: Nope

Me: At the Mountains of Madness?

People: No.

Me: Dagon, for God’s sake?

People: No.

Me: But you like horror?

People: Oh yeah. I watch the Walking Dead religiously.

*Deep sigh.*