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Another teensy snippet from the story of Howard’s parents aka the current novel I am writing because…well, frankly, it has been a while and I have nothing else to offer you today, oh fellow bored travelers of the hallowed Interwebs:

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“Archibald, what are you waiting for?” Mimi cracked one eye open, peering up at him intently. “Papa is not going to stay in the kitchen forever!”

He smiled back at her. “I was just savoring your beauty.”

“Oh,” Her cheeks flushed pink. People rarely called her beautiful. The emerald eye she’d cracked open slid shut again. “Carry on, then.”

“At the moment, an entire army of gypsies with your father driving a fully armored tank in the lead couldn’t stop me.”

Archibald froze for a moment, caught completely off guard by hearing his voice saying something so utterly ridiculous. An armored tank? He was a rational man, for heaven’s sake—a scientist raised by not just one, but two sensible parents, experts in their respective fields. He couldn’t possibly be turning into some hopeless, idiot romantic led around by, well, by his sausage, could he? No, of course not. He brushed several soft-as-silk chocolate colored strands behind Mimi’s ear and tilted her chin just a little bit more in his direction as she loudly cleared her throat. It was time to get back to the task at hand.