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I recently heard something that I agree with 100%.

I would say it resonated with me, but I hate that word after hearing it used ad nauseam as a catchphrase over too many years. For the record, I blame all you overzealous office types who are too lazy to find other words to use now and then in your roundtable meetings and conference calls. I eventually had to stop keeping score of all the resonance. Let’s just say…Repetitive Usage: One Million. Creative thinking: Zero. Guitar strings are about the only things that resonate these days, as far as I’m concerned. You can’t go around plucking at clients and office folk; trust me, it’s rude.
Okay. Regardless of semantics and one of quite a few words that still make me cantankerous here’s what I heard:

Never ask yourself if you’re good enough.

“Am I good enough?” is the wrong question. Whether the answer is that you stink, or you are worthy of godhood (nice ego you’ve got there, by the way), you are still focused only on today and that one particular moment.

What you should consistently ask yourself instead—yesterday, today, and tomorrow—is the following:

Do I have the courage?

To learn.

To grow.

To never give up.

Hint: The answer should always be yes.