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It’s that time of year again. From Halloween going forward, we’ve all been battling a mountain of cakes and pies and candies and all sorts of gut-busting deliciousness in the office and at parties. Maybe even at home. Unless you have the willpower of a successful triathlon competitor or at the very least the metabolism of one, things can be freaking tough all the way through New Years.

Am I right or am I right here, chickadees?

First off, let’s get a few things straight. I’m not gluten intolerant or diabetic. I am not vegetarian, vegan, or allergic to anything. Milk, cheese, and I are no strangers to one another. They might make me a little phlegmy (gross, I know) from time to time but it’s no biggie. We can still all hold hands and skip around singing kumbaya together like Stepford Wives on a delightful sunny afternoon in the suburbs.

So if I’m none of those things what am I, and why do I care about doing it cave girl style, aka eating puh-puh-paleo  (insert Phil Collins belting it out here circa 1985) for the Holidays?

Here it is: In a few days, I will be a 45-year-old woman. The woman thing is nothing new; the aging part has come as a gradual sort of insult over time. Certain things—like avoiding the processed sugar traps in all kinds of office/party/home snacks this time of year—help enormously with metabolism, weight, and health considerations. So does exercise but that’s not what I’m talking about today, my precious and adorable little paleo pumpkins.

What in the hell is a paleo diet, you ask? PaleoLeap has a great list of what to eat and what to avoid if you wish to be paleoligious about it. For this entry, I just figured I’d share a baking-terrified, middle-aged woman’s recently discovered secret to healthier, filling paleo style desserts. Anyone with an oven, whether you’re a baking hindered idiot like me or not, can make these cakes (or muffins) quickly and easily for the Holidays. Here’s the kicker: they’re incredibly moist and delicious, and most folks won’t even know the difference.

Along with a bag of Paleo Baking Company mix, all you generally need is water, eggs, coconut oil, and honey. No cups of sugar, no milk, and the flours are gluten free (almonds, etc.) If you can’t find their premade mixes in a local store, don’t sweat it, as long as you have access to Amazon you’re golden. For the icing, I like dollop’s all natural GMO stuff. My other half, Nathan, lah-lah-loves the Madagascar Vanilla on the spice and carrot cakes, for the record.

Come on…try it!

You can check out some before and after pics of the paleo carrot cake I made below. My presentation skills with icing are probably deplorable, I know, but it was freaking delicious! Note: The carrot cake’s a little more work because you also grate three cups of carrots. I’ve done the spice cake—which tastes similar, but there’s no carrot grating—and the chocolate so far. All were quick and easy, came out like a dream, and my friends and family loved them!













If you’re strapped for time or wanting to eat healthier, why not try a paleo cake for the Holidays?

The oven is calling you, Paleo Britches, and (dayum) it’s looking kind of sexy these days. Don’t you dare keep it waiting.