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Warning: Twisted Humor and Sarcasm.3ChristmaswithK.jpg

Hello, children.

My name is Buttons.

I am a rescue dog.

I am fluffy and cuddly.

My nose is so wet and cold.

I love to play fetch and snuggle by the fireside.

My little puppy heart overflows with the wonder of Christmas.

Krampus found me in Portland.

He took me from the shelter.

He gave me a forever home.

I am forever grateful.

My wonderful, beautiful Krampus.

His tongue is much longer and redder than mine.

His breath is far worse.

He has ferocious claws.

He says torture has become a lost art.

And, most importantly, he loves me.

Glorious, unconditional love.

Buttons and Krampus.


(I love you, Krampus.)

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