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bang 1 copy 3.jpg Want to know a secret?

I’ve always kind of had a thing for The Joker. Sure, Batman’s spiffy, and, if Brucey Boy asks you the reason for the breakup, be sure to tell him that it’s not him, it’s me.


Well … I’m a woman with an exceedingly quick wit. And a smart mouth that is often quicker than the aforementioned wit. Also, tongue-biting really hurts so I don’t like doing it.


I will find a reason to giggle at a funeral (because somebody H-A-T-E-S to cry). I will laugh when I slip and fall, too—and, if it’s not life threatening, when someone else does. I guess you could say I believe there is a “slap” in the word slapstick for a very good reason.

Going with a smile has always sounded lovely to me. Nefarious is my absolute favorite adjective, and, I swear to you, I still giggle like a four-year-old when someone farts. Oh, and I have a Harley Quinn costume in the hall closet, yet I’ve never once felt the need to dress up as Cat Woman for Halloween.

Besides, black may be slimming, but as ZZ Top once said, “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man.”