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I doubt that anything else in this world will ever capture my imagination—and still hold it so consistently after all these years—as well as Alice in Wonderland.

Wonderland: It’s a timeless classic, a theater of the absurd, and the last respite of the silly. It’s the land of odd truths and bad puns. It’s freaking Valhalla for the creative mind and the inner child inside of all of us. You know, the one who never really dies, no matter how deep the river of adulthood, responsibilities, and misfortunes it’s fallen into.

Then what’s all that gurgling you’ve been hearing, you ask? Oh, no, that’s not drowning, dearie. That’s just your inner child, growing gills and singing loudly with the crocodiles underwater.

Whether you’re feeling mad as the Hatter, sporting a Cheshire grin, furious as the Queen of Hearts, frantic as a last-minute Rabbit, or curious as Alice … Wonderland will always be right there, waiting for you.

Delirious joy is just a rabbit hole away—and it’s all because of Lewis Carroll.

So, come on over anytime. Why not pull up a mushroom; have a nibble or a drink and see what happens? Suspend your disbelief for an afternoon and come drink up all the tea with me and paint the roses red.

Wonderland isn’t all that far, after all—it’s  just a dream away.