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senator's daughter

My Dearest Senator Ektu:

Despite her adamant involvement in the past rebellion and stowing away on an Earther military vessel, I am pleased to inform you that Rijellia’an-Earther relations have improved drastically since your niece’s arrival at the space station.

While, at first, a bit stumped, I have recently discovered that the explanation revolves around a bit of an unfortunate joke the soldiers played on the dear girl in transit. It seems they successfully managed to convince her that human sexual activity resembles the most offensive Rijellia’an Hate Gestures possible.

As you are well aware, your niece’s hatred of our mutual allies is quite profound. Day and night, night and day, all she does is hate, hate, hate them.

I daresay her spite has been responsible for accelerating Earth’s peace negotiations with the Rijellia’an Royal Council by several decades—and, although it will no doubt anger the young woman more, I must say that you have every right to be proud of her.

Fondest Regards,

Ambassador Na’arlo